Charteris comprises a group of experienced business and IS practitioners, all of who have proven track records in the management of substantial companies. Members of the Charteris team typically have 15 to 30 years experience in the business application of IS, as well as experience in running businesses and large projects and programmes. They are fully up-to-date with current technologies; they know what can and cannot be achieved with information technology.

This means that we can effectively bridge the gap which sometimes exists between IS and the business. We work at the business level to ensure that IS delivers maximum support for the key business functions of the organisation.

We approach our engagements in a business-centric way and focus on enabling IT to support directly the business goals of the organisation.

Since we do not employ junior staff that need to be trained on client engagements, our methodologies are not prescriptive but are designed to enable our seasoned consultants to apply their real-world experience within a flexible framework. 

We are completely independent. We are not a reseller for hardware or software. Many clients have found this independence of real value as it allows us to focus on the best solution independently of Charteris’ internal business goals and targets.

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